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  • Labradorite Prayer Mala 8mm Beads (SMA117)
    Labradorite Prayer Mala 8mm Beads
    This Labradorite Prayer Mala can be used in meditation as traditional mala beads or worn as healing jewelry.

    Japa Nam - Repeating God's Name
    Japa is Repeating God's Name
    In order to focus one's mind on God, Babaji taught people to chant the ancient mantra Om Namah Shivaya. It is a Sanskrit phrase which means something like "I surrender to/bow to/take refuge in God," or "Lord, Thy will be done." The Name of God used in this mantra is Lord Shiva, the Supreme Manifestation of God. Constant repetition of the mantra (japa) focuses the mind on God - opens the heart and mind to God - and stops, or reduces, the tendency of one's mind to constantly plan (the future), worry (about the past), daydream (illusion), or otherwise idle away in essentially useless activity.
    Repeating God's Name of Om Namah Shivaya is a protection and a purification of the consciousness. It is like a clear running stream, constantly washing and renewing the mind for higher purpose. Babaji's main purpose for re-appearing is to reform the hearts and minds of people. He comes to remove confusion and evil from mankind. Shri Babaji once said: "The mind can be purified only by japa. This is the only medicine for the disease of the mind. While your mind and heart are impure, how can God live in your heart? The water to clean your heart is the Name of God. Teach everyone to repeat the Name of God -- everywhere."
    The mind that is generally focused on God's Name(s) responds, when the need arises, spontaneously to perform its required functions quickly, easily and well. Babaji emphasized Om Namah Shivaya but also gave other mantras on some occasions. The essence of his instruction is "Repeat God's Name." Shri Babaji said that when the great destruction comes to the world, those who believe in and worship God sincerely, and especially those who repeat His Name, will be saved by the power of the mantra. "God's Name is more powerful than a thousand atomic and hydrogen bombs."
    How to perform Japa
    Usually, japa is performed on a mala (prayer beads, 108 beads per strand, like a rosary). In the morning, upon waking from sleep, a bath is taken immediately (pour water over all the body from a bucket with a cup). After bath and dressing in your prayer clothes, you sit peacefully in front of your altar. You touch the mala only with the right hand. You hold the beads without using the index finger (index finger is known as the "ego" finger so you leave the ego out of this). You begin where the mala has one larger bead and a tassle; you say one mantra per bead, working the mala around between thumb and middle finger. Once you have completed the 108 repetitions, you turn the mala around and go back the same direction you came. The large bead at the end is called the "guru" bead, so you "don't cross the guru," you keep turning the mala around and going back over the beads the opposite direction. Since 5 is a Shiva number, it is good to do a minimum of 5 rounds of the mala at a sitting. This is done morning and evening.
    Japa Nam is also accomplished by constantly repeating the Name of God while working, eating, walking, and everything you do in a day, without always using the mala. When you repeat the Name of God while working, it is also called Karma Yoga.
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  • Brass Statue of Lord Ganesh Sitting on Round Base (BST194)
    Brass Statue of Lord Ganesh Sitting on Round Base - 2.5" Height

    Solid Brass with Antique Honey finish.

    The Lord of Success
    The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot-bellied body of a human being. He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshiped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. In fact, Ganesha is one of the five prime Hindu deities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga being the other four) whose idolatry is glorified as the panchayatana puja.
    Significance of the Ganesha Form
    Ganesha's head symbolizes the Atman or the soul, which is the ultimate supreme reality of human existence, and his human body signifies Maya or the earthly existence of human beings. The elephant head denotes wisdom and its trunk represents Om, the sound symbol of cosmic reality. In his upper right hand Ganesha holds a goad, which helps him propel mankind forward on the eternal path and remove obstacles from the way. The noose in Ganesha's left hand is a gentle implement to capture all difficulties.
    The broken tusk that Ganesha holds like a pen in his lower right hand is a symbol of sacrifice, which he broke for writing the Mahabharata. The rosary in his other hand suggests that the pursuit of knowledge should be continuous. The laddoo (sweet) he holds in his trunk indicates that one must discover the sweetness of the Atman. His fan-like ears convey that he is all ears to our petition. The snake that runs round his waist represents energy in all forms. And he is humble enough to ride the lowest of creatures, a mouse.
    Ganesha, the Destroyer of Pride
    Ganesha is also the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride. He is the personification of material universe in all its various magnificent manifestations. "All Hindus worship Ganesha regardless of their sectarian belief," says D N Singh in A Study of Hinduism. "He is both the beginning of the religion and the meeting ground for all Hindus."

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  • Elephant Standing Trunk Up With Stones (BST185)
    Elephant Standing Trunk Up With Stones - 4.25"W, 3.25"H
    The elephant is considered to be a symbol of good luck in many cultures.

    • Made from Solid Brass
    • Size: 3.25" high x 4.25" wide
    • Weight: 1.3 pound approx.
    • Handmade in India
    • A perfect piece for altar or use as a home decor.
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  • Brass Om Symbol On Round Base (BST25)
    Brass Om Symbol On Round Base - 5.5"height 

    Om - The Sacred sound of Universe. It is said to be the original sound that contains all other sounds, all words, all languages and all mantras.
    • Made from Brass
    • Size: 5.5" height
    • Weight: 0.2 pound approximately
    • Handmade in India
    • A perfect piece for an altar or use as a home decor. 
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  • Lord Ganesh Brass Statue (BST318)
    Lord Ganesh Brass Statue - 2" height 

    Ganesh, The God of Progress, Remover of Obstacles. The elephant-headed deity, son of Shiva and Parvati.
    Made from Solid Brass,
    Size: 2" high,
    Weight: 3.5 oz. approximately 
    Handmade in India
    A perfect piece for an altar or use as a home decor
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  • Lord Ganesh Brass Statue (BST100)
    Lord Ganesh Brass Statue 1.75" heigth
    Ganesh, the elephant headed god of wisdom and success is the defender and remover of obstacles.
    • Made from Solid Brass
    • Handmade in India
    • A perfect piece for altar or use as a home decor
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  • Carved Turtle Brown Soapstone (SBR711)
    Carved Turtle Brown Soapstone - 6"X9"

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  • Lord Buddha Wooden Statue (WS26)
    Lord Buddha Wooden Statue - 8"tall x 4.5"wide

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  • Goddess Saraswati Wooden Statue (S19-Saraswati)
     Goddess Saraswati Wooden Statue Antique - 10"tall x 6"wide
    This Wooden Antique Goddess Saraswati Statue is hand-carved and hand-painted in South India. The Saraswati statue measures 10" High and 6" wide.
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  • Goddess Tara Solid Brass Mask Wall Hanging (655)
    Goddess Tara Solid Brass Mask Wall Hanging 4" tall

    Goddess Tara is known as the mother of liberation and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.
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  • Statue Of Reclining Buddha (447)
    Reclining Buddha Statue - 4" in length
    Beautiful antique finish.

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  • Brass Statue Goddess Tara Dancing (445)
    Brass Statue Goddess Tara Dancing - 9" Tall
    Goddess of Peace & Protection.

    Beautifully handcrafted in India of Solid Brass in antique finish. Golden highlights in silver finish.

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