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A collection of downloadable digital books full of unique content.  Some are instructional material for performing rituals, some are informative for holidays with information such as transliterated prayers and some include stories of Shri Babaji.  Available for immediate download after payment.  
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  • The Message of Fatima: The Haidakhan Babaji Connection (MOF-EB)
    The Message of Fatima: the Haidakhan Babaji Connection
    Foreword by Margaret DeVivo

    In May, 1917, three children in Fatima, Portugal, were granted the first apparition of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in which Our Lady gave information about upcoming events as well as 'solutions' which would help humanity.  There were several apparitions and a "Third Secret" which was to be revealed in 1960.
    This is the story of Our Lady of Fatima's message, how it corresponds to Shri Haidakhan Babaji's message, and how this information came to be shared in our online shop.

    This package contains:

    The Ebook
    A guide on using a Rosary
    A paper on Malas and what Babaji spoke regarding Japa

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  • The Teachings Of Babaji - An Enhanced Version (MOBI & PDF) ()
    The Teachings Of Babaji - An Enhanced Version (MOBI & PDF)

    This eBook is an enhanced version of The Teachings of Babaji. In addition to the preserved talks that were either transcribed during the time the talk was given or recorded and transcribed at a later time, we include many pages of quotes by Shri Babaji on a variety of subjects - usually themes that He revisited regularly during these talks and were also incorporated in His messages, plus we include a Glossary of Terms for those who wish it. We have also included dozens of pictures throughout the eBook.
    This publication is over 200 pages in length.  It is a work of Love by Karma Yogis and Yoginis participating in the intention of spreading awareness of Shri Babaji and His teachings throughout the world - this is in response to the many instances that Babaji Himself had repeated in His communications which you will encounter when reading the teachings.
    For a limited time we are offering this in two formats with your purchase - one in mobi format (Kindle) and one in PDF.  

    You may CLICK HERE to download a sample should you desire.  

    THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT, and will be available for download immediately following payment.

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  • Use of a Murti as an Object of Worship (Digital) (MURTI20x-DL)
    THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT, and will be available for download immediately following payment.

    Use of a Murti as an Object of Worship is an Ebook in PDF format which includes detailed instructions on building and using an altar with Murtis for your devotional practices. Also includes all precise instructions on how to perform specific devotion as taught at Vishwa MahaDham, including mantras and step by step instruction.

    These instructions include all details of performing the Arati Ceremony. See our ARATI BOOK download for more support with this ritual.

    Download contains a 20 page PDF file with all the above and pictures of Shri Babaji.

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