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  • Shivranjani Incense 40gm (SHI921)
    Shivranjani Agarbatti - reportedly Babaji's favorite
    Shivranjani Agarbatti is a natural Masala base incense product, specially designed to spread a mild but pleasing flower fresh aroma, leaving behind an impression of serenity, with a longer retaining property. On burning, Shivranjani leaves the air fresh, healthy and pure, helps concentration of mind in meditation, Pooja etc.


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  • Scent of Samadhi Incense (SOSI)
    Scent of Samadhi Incense

    If you like the
    Samadhi Powder you will really enjoy this incense.
    Utilizing an ancient method that has been used for thousands of years, we have created our Scent of Samadhi Incense. The majority of incense of the market is made with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. However, our Scent of Samadhi incense is made without the use of any artificial chemicals or synthetic ingredients. The result is the highest quality incense available.
    * Scent of Samadhi Incense is high-quality temple grade incense
    * Made with 100% pure and natural ingredients with no chemicals or synthetic ingredients
    * Each tube comes in an extra-large size with 27 sticks each
    * Creates a smooth, gentle yet intoxicating fragrance that will leave you feeling blissful and at peace
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  • California White Sage Smudges - 9"L (Large) (SAGE03)
    California White Sage Smudges - 9"L (Large)

    Cleanse & Purify
    The California White Sage Smudge Sticks are 9" to 10" long is wild-crafted and each bundle is hand tied.

    These broad leaf White Sage Smudge Sticks are prized for their strong aromatic properties. White Sage has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years for cleansing, purifying one's self and others, as well as an area of space through the technique of smudging.

    • Features
    • White sage smudge stick.
    • Sage comes from coastal mountains of California.
    • Puts out a lot of smoothing smoke.
    • Details
    • Designed for: purifying, protection
    • Smudge Stick Type: White Sage
    • Dimensions: 9-10" long

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  • Super Hit Incense 100gm (SUPC21)
    Super Hit Incense - 100gm

    This stuff is EXCELLENT! Once you try, you will want more!
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  • Kesari Deluxe Incense 50gm (KES421)
    Kesari Deluxe Incense - 50gm
    Saffron-sandal blend, soothing! Formulated for meditation.
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