We carry only the very best incense.  Especially the difficult to find Shivranjani Agarbatti which is reportedly Babaji's favorite
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  • Om Stick Incense - Sandalwood (ONCI-S)
    Each pack contains 15 grams - approximately 10-15 sticks.

    Om Stick Incense is made with the finest natural resins, gums, wood powders and aromatic oils.  It is a cruelty free product made with sustainable natural materials, hand rolled in India. Om incense sticks are hand rolled according to the age-old masala method from the finest nature friendly ingredients including sandalwood, nag champa and other scented wood powders, fragrant leaves, bark, root and gum resins, floral and other essential oils.  Om Incense Sticks are a very high quality masala incense. Slow burning incense, each stick burns for approximately 1 hour! 
    This stick incense is all natural and is a masala incense. Masala incense is made in a method which uses natural resins and a complex combination of oils and herbs that are combined together to form a dough-like mixture. This mixture is then rolled on to bamboo sticks. The result is a far superior incense as compared to other sticks which are just dipped in perfume oils. Each pack contains 15 grams - approximately 10-15 sticks.

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  • Super Hit Incense 100gm (SUPC21)
    Super Hit Incense - 100gm

    This stuff is EXCELLENT! Once you try, you will want more!
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  • Kesari Deluxe Incense 50gm (KES421)
    Kesari Deluxe Incense - 50gm
    Saffron-sandal blend, soothing! Formulated for meditation.
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