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  • Haidakhandi Bhajans - lyrics (free download) (BF)
    This Haidakhandi Bhajans zip file includes:
    Introduction to Haidakhan Bhajans in English
    Songs to Lord Shiva in transliterated Sanskrit and English translation side by side
    Songs to Divine Mother in transliterated Sanskrit and English translation side by side
    Songs to Shri Babaji in transliterated Sanskrit and English translation side by side

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  • Haidakhan Bhajans - 15 Tracks (digital download) ( HAIP56-DL)
    Haidakhan Bhajans - 15 Tracks
    By "American Haidakhan Samaj"  (Emam, Motu, Ramloti, and friends, 1984)

    Track Titles and Samples may be found below.  
    This is a digital product and will be available for immediate download after your successful PayPal payment (PayPal account not required).   You will then have access to the download in your account under downloads.  This will allow you to download the zip file containing all the tracks.
    Haidakhan Bhajans is a collection of devotional songs, sung at Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, Sri Babaji's main ashram and place of reappearance in 1970. The collection consists of Kirtans and Bhajans. Kirtans are devotional songs containing the name, or aspect of the deity worshipped: Lord Shiva, the Divine Mother Amba, Hari-Lord Vishnu, Hanuman, etc. These are to be repeated as many times as one wants to. Bhajans are religious hymns, telling a brief story. 
    The Lord is given praise in all His glory, in His many forms and manifestations. The underlying theme is one of joy, gratitude and love. The supreme Guru, honored here, is Bhagwan Haidakhan as Shiva, manifest creator and destroyer of the universe, who is also invoked by 108 names, given at the end of this collection. The repetition of these names, or mantras, has been described by Shri Babaji as tarak mantra -- supreme mantra, to be recited daily.
    Shri Babaji has commented on kirtan singing, saying: "Kirtan should come to you naturally, through your soul... You should sing devotional music in a way, that stirs the heart, in harmony and with a slow rhythm. Whenever you make music, singing or playing, it should leave a memory on the mind." 
    The mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYA is the main mantra used in the chanting, and Shri Babaji has enjoined his devotees to : "Always repeat God's name. Whatever you do, wherever you are, repeat the name of the Lord ... OM NAMAH SHIVAYA is the original mantra. It is like nectar, feed everyone with this nectar ... When Mahashakti, the Primordial energy, first manifested, the words she uttered was the mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYA." Repeating, or chanting this mantra will lead to total union with God. This is Babaji's promise. 
    Fifteen individual tracks in high quality MP3 format downloadable in one zip file. Please note that the tracks you download are of much higher quality than the samples. 
    The tracks and a sample for each follow: 
    Ao Ao Mere Angana:

    Arati to Divine Mother Shri Haidakhandeshwari:

    Daya Karo Ma:

    Ganesha Sharanam:

    He Shiva Shankara:

    Jamna Ki Jai Jai:

    Jaya Gauri Shankara:

    Nama Shivaya Hara Hara:

    Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya: Nama Shivaya Hara Hara:

    Narayana Narayana Om:


    Sada Nirantana:

    Shiva Hara Nita Bol:

    Shiva Maheshwara:

    Shiva Shambo:

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  • Haidakhan Bhajans Honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba (BHMW)
    Haidakhan Bhajans Honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba and the Divine Mother

    Bhajans, Mantras and Stotrams honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba and the Divine Mother; the 108 Names of Shiva included.  

    146 pages of the words to the songs and mantras, with translation to English.

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