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Items to use for your Aarati, Puja, Bhajans and Kirtan
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  • Antique Dragon Tibetan Prayer Horn (TBT25)
    This Antique Dragon Tibetan Prayer Horn is made of Copper & Brass and is 20 inches in length
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  • Tibetan Tingsha - Dragon Design (TIBY9)
    Tibetan Tingsha are small cymbals used in prayer and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. Two cymbals are joined together by a leather strap. 
    The cymbals are struck together producing a clear and high pitched tone. Tingsha are very thick and produce a unique long ringing tone. 
    Tingsha are used along with singing bowls and other instruments in meditation, music and sound healing.
    These cymbals come with a lovely dragon design.
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  • Tingsha Om Namah Shivaya Large Size (TING)
    Large Size Tingsha With Om Namah Shivaya

    This traditional tingsha has the Om Namah Shiva mantra cast on it's upper surface. The tingshas are hand cast by Tibetan artisans using methods passed down for generations. These prayer chimes have been used for centuries by Tibetan Buddhists to prepare for meditation. When the two pieces strike each other they produce a clear, pure, cleansing sound which can be used to focus the mind before and after meditation. Tingsha's can be used for space clearing to remove negative energies.

    Size 2.75 inch diameter.

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  • Space Clearing Bell (SPAB4)
    Space Clearing Bell

    Made from an alloy of seven metals, each bell is tuned to give just the most prefect sound to permeate any room and clear unwanted vibrations.

    This bell is widely used for space clearing in Chinese practice of Feng Shui. 
    Bell stands approximately 7.5 inches tall.

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  • Copper Tibetan Offering Bowls (TGBC)
    Tibetan Offering Bowl

    Made of copper with silver medallions on the side, 2.5" diameter

    "The making of offerings is an antidote to the pattern of attachment and greed." - Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

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