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Gateway to Inner Peace by Sarena Morello CD

Gateway to Inner Peace by Sarena Morello CD
Sarena Morello, a licensed mental health counselor, has created an all natural, non-medication solution to easily falling asleep and staying asleep … reversing the symptoms of IBS … lowering blood pressure naturally … managing chronic pain … handling anxiety … alleviating the symptoms of fibromyalgia and menopause … and preparing for elective surgery.  Her solution – utilizing mindbody and autogenic training – is self-contained on a 22 minute CD called GATEWAY TO INNER PEACE For Deep Relaxation and Self-Healing. It includes a five page instruction booklet along with biofeedback finger temperature monitoring to measure results. The information provided is the equivalent of four clinical sessions, giving it a $600 value. The program is available for only $22.
Morello’s easy-to-follow process is based on self-induced relaxation to relieve illness or injury. The CD guides listeners in how to voluntarily elicit a relaxation and quiet mind response which is the foundation for self-healing, deep sleep and overall restoration.
Morello says the theory behind autogenics is simple. “If we help to create disease or disability, so too can we ‘uncreate’ them, creating health in their place. Patients who were feeling, ‘I am a victim,’ can now realize, ‘I am taking control.’” The program incorporates relaxing phrases accompanied by diaphragmatic breathing and visualization.  “With a greater sense of calm and relaxation, you will be taking positive steps toward preventive health and wellness,” says Morello.
Her training has been successfully used in a wide variety of venues around the nation.  These include cancer care, cardiac rehabilitation, kidney dialysis, pain management and biofeedback centers, as well as psychological clinics. Many healthcare professionals have been using the program for more than twenty years with positive, measurable results. 
“GATEWAY TO INNER PEACE has proven to be successful for helping our patients alleviate the symptoms of such stress-related disorders as high blood pressure, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, anxiety and fibromyalgia,” - Marcia Gill, R.N., Administrative Director of the former John W. Henry Center for Integrative Medicine at Boca Raton Community Hospital
"Sarena Morello's CD program is medically sound and clinically valid, it provides techniques that are easy to learn and therapeutically beneficial. I recommend it highly." - Natalio J. Chediak, M.D., Director of the Boca Raton Sleep Disorders Center
Non-professionals have also purchased the program to relieve pain and headaches, as a meditation tool or to calm themselves before elective surgery, school tests, interviews and other high stress situations.
A Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Morello uses affirmations, visualization, diaphragmatic breathing, biofeedback, forgiveness and meditation in her private practice to help people listen to their bodies and improve their health. 
“Once you understand how the mind and body interact,” she explains, “you can learn to self-regulate your cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and nervous systems as well as strengthen your immune and urological systems. With a healthier body comes a healthier attitude. And that can change everything!”
As a Spiritual Peacemaker and Lightworker, I feel one of my responsibilities is to produce and distribute products that preserve and help awaken in others that which is most valued about life - Love, Light and Peace. - Sarena S. Morello, M.S., LMHC
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