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  • From Age to Age: Stories of Haidakhan Babaji Paperback (A2APB)
    From Age to Age: Stories of Haidakhan Babaji Paperback
    by Giridhari Lal Mishra 
    From Age to Age is the first translation, into any language, of a memoir that has been passed from hand to hand for generations. Written in Hindi by an attorney of northern India, initially published half a century ago, From Age to Age is Mishra's record-meticulous, matter-of-fact, brief, and erudite-of the ravishing presence of the figure first introduced to the West in the now-classic Autobiography of a Yogi. There, he was Mahavatar Babaji, the Yogi-Christ of modern India; here, we follow the author on journeys in and out of the village of Haidakhan as he tracks his appearances, disappearances, and reappearances throughout much of India. At the heart of the book: forty stories that call on a legend, the memories of local residents ,and Mishra's personal history with his teacher, the famous Mahendra Baba, to render, with jewel-like clarity, the life of an extraordinary avatar.
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  • Babaji - Meeting with Truth by Shdema Goodman (MWT-SG)
    Babaji - Meeting with Truth by Shdema Goodman
    Shdema Goodman, a licensed psychologist from New Jersey, visited with Sri Sri Babaji (the Avatar of Yogananda's lineage) at Haidakhan in the foothills of the Himalayas, from 1978 to 1984.
    This is an account of the growth experience of a suburban mother, psychologist and wife in search of excellence. She found Babaji’s prescription of Truth, Simplicity and Love to be the ingredient for a happy life.
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  • Conscious Cuisine by Angelo Devivo (CONY11)
    Conscious Cuisine by Angelo Devivo

    Every time Angelo cooks at the Center, people beg him for the recipes. Now you can prepare these simple, healthy vegetarian dishes in your own home! A great gift!

    J.T. in Colorado says, "I'm writing to thank you for your cookbook. We tried a recipe within the hour of its arrival and all concerned raved about the taste. More recent meal time experiments have resulted the same way. Simple ingredients, simple preparations; filling but light, invigorating, and great taste. The book is well-laid out, easy to use, and its not just a fundraiser, it's a service! Enjoyed it immensely."

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  • Encounters With Babaji by Renata Caddy (EWB)
    Encounters With Babaji by Renata Caddy

    Related with simplicity and sincerity, the anecdotes in this first-hand account detail author Renata Caddy's experiences with Babaji, an eternal being and figure in Indian spirituality.  Through personal stories and photographs, Caddy describes her first meeting with Babaji during a stay in His ashram in India in 1978 as well as the 72 encounters that followed in the next six years, until Babaji gave up his human form in 1984.  She then relates the events that ocurred during her several pilgrimages to Mount Kailash in Tibet, where she strongly felt Babaji's presence and was even more compelled to follow his teachings of truth, simplicity, love, and service to humanity.  Full of Wisdom, this illuminating book contains a message of joy and hope that will resonate with anyone of an open heart and mind, regardless of their religion.
    Renata Caddy, wife of Peter Caddy (founder of Findhorn Foundation in Scotland)  first met Babaji in 1978. This poignant and deep 255 page book is a wonderful introduction to Babaji's teachings and a great book to read when you want to be totally inspired.
    Renata is a writer, painter, and therapist who teaches courses and directs workshops on the topics of self-discovery, self-realization, and happiness.  She lives at the Lake of Constance in Germany.

    This book is an intensely personal account of being in Babaji's presence, as related by a devotee who is dedicated to personal growth for herself and others. There is something here for everyone, whether a devotee of Babaji or not.  The spiritual concepts conveyed and portrayed in real life with Babaji are universal teachings on the path of expanding consciousness.
    This book was mailed to me from India before Christmas of 2013, and it arrived in my mailbox exactly on February 14, 2014, the 30th anniversary of Babaji's Maha Samadhi.  I knew it must be something special based on the timing of its arrival.  Upon reading it, I find the writing to capture exactly what it felt like to be in Babaji's Presence.   It's a TREASURE! - Marge DeVivo,  coordinator of 

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  • Fire of Transformation: My Life with Babaji (FOT)
    Fire of Transformation: My Life with Babaji

    One of the first Westerners to meet Babaji, Gaura remained almost continually with Him in India from 1972-1984. Her diary of those years, is a unique, challenging and remarkable story. It is an amazing insight into life with Babaji and His teachings. A must read for all.
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  • Haidakhan Bhajans Honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba (BHMW)
    Haidakhan Bhajans Honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba and the Divine Mother

    Bhajans, Mantras and Stotrams honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba and the Divine Mother; the 108 Names of Shiva included.  

    146 pages of the words to the songs and mantras, with translation to English.

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  • Homa Therapy: Our Last Chance (HOMX5)
    Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from ancient most Vedic sciences of bioenergy, medicine, agriculture and climate engineering.

    Agnihotra is the basic healing fire of Homa Therapy.

    Agnihotra is the process of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire prepared in a copper pyramid tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset.

    It is a method that can neutralize the effects of pollution on plants, animals and humans. All the spheres of life on this planet come into harmony...

    ...We are healing our world.

    Thousands of people on all continents belonging to different races, languages, religions and spiritual groups who practice Agnihotra have remarked that simply by performing daily HOMA, (i.e., Agnihotra at sunrise/sunset) they feel as if a protective film surrounds them.

    This book gives simple but extremely effective ancient methods for treating the atmosphere and removing toxins and disease, for gardening and farming without chemicals, and for removing alcohol and/or drug addiction and mental tension without medicine or psychotherapy, all based on copper pyramid fire tuned to rhythms of nature, e.g. sunrise/ sunset, new moon and full moon. This book gives the most in-depth information about Agnihotra Ayurvedic healing fire.

    80 pages, 4- color cover

    To get any latitude and longitude please visit [opens in a new browser, you will not lose your place here]

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  • I Am Harmony by Radhe Shyam (I AQ11)
    I Am Harmony by Radhe Shyam

    This is a story of Radhe Shyam's and other individuals' experiences of meeting with the great Himalayan Master, Haidakhan Babaji also known as Maha Avatar Babaji. Throughout the fascinating 416 pages, one comes to learn some of the history of this timeless Master, His teachings, His predictions, and stories of people that He touched with His love, healed, and the lives He transformed. Included in the book are 16 beautiful color photographs of Babaji along with many black and white photos. It is a must read for every serious seeker on the spiritual path.

    The first edition of I Am Harmony has been translated and published in Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Slovenian and Swedish; it has been translated into Dutch and is awaiting publication; and it is in process of translation into Latvian and Serbian.

    About the Author
    Radhe Shyam, formally Charles Swan, met Babaji in early 1980 and his life was totally transformed. Before this time he was a lawyer working in foreign affairs throughout the world for the State Department of Washington DC. He lived in India from 1980 until shortly after Babaji left His body in 1984. After returning to the US he helped begin Babaji's Ashram in Crestone, Colorado, worked for Native Americans' and prisoners' rights, as well as donating several years of his later life bringing democratic and sound business practices to the town Voroneth in Russia. Radhe Shyam passed away in 2006.

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  • Malas, Mantras & Meditation by Sandra Ducey (MAL811)
    56-page booklet about proper use of Malas, meaning of some mantras, and complete listing of the different types of Malas and their meanings. This is a very useful little book!!!

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  • Maha Kumbh Mela: Millennium's First by Nino Carmine Pitti (MAHA11)
    Maha Kumbh Mela: Millennium's First by Nino Carmine Pitti

    Drawings and story of attending the Maha Kumbh Mela of January February 2001

    Story in Italian and in English.

    108 pages, oversized paperback. 9.5" tall x 8.25" wide

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  • Light Towards Divine Path (LIG25)
    by Vasant V. Paranjpe 
    A Simple Guide to Happiness: describes the Five Fold Path of Yagna, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya
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