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About Marge, owner & manager of Vishwa Gifts and how Vishwa Gifts was created:
Having grown up on a farm in Nebraska and raised strict Catholic (in parochial schools for 14 years), spiritual connection and a work ethic have been a very important part of my entire life.  That has been the recurring theme of my existence:  Work is Worship.
After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a teaching degree, I taught in the Lincoln Public Schools for 10 years and completed a Master’s Degree with an endorsement in Multicultural Education. In June of 1982, after reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” and meeting up with people who had been to Haidakhan to visit Babaji, I was blessed with being given permission and the means to visit Him. 
Babaji gave specific instructions to transform our simple Nebraska farmstead into a center/ashram/temple, a place where people could come to live the teachings of truth, simplicity, and love. Babaji sent an assistant with us to buy the Temple accessories and gave us the Padukas (Sacred Sandals) from the altar in His Temple in Vrindaban at Guru Purnima. He said once this center was going, to go out and make these centers all over. 
In 1984, at a meeting in January, Babaji gave instructions that the USA central distribution of His materials was to be handled through this simple farmstead in Nebraska. In July, 1984, a delegation sent by Shri Muniraji arrived to bring a few related items for starting a business selling these materials and getting them out to people. The first mailing list had no more than 30 people on it and the catalog was less than one typed page. This eventually turned into a 16-page catalog that was mailed out once every 2 months, as things expanded over the years.
In 1985 and 1986, Shri Maha Muniraji and Shri Shastriji came to give blessings and to help establish the temple/ashram, staying for several days each time, performing the rituals and meeting with people who would be instrumental in helping out. By 1988, a small Temple was built and the enlivened murti (Shri Rajeshwari - Queen of Goddesses) was added. From there, things kept expanding and growing into dormitories, a large temple building, organic gardens, and many facilities used as a retreat center.
Subsequent visits from Shri Muniraji were organized in 1990 and 1997, each time bringing more than 200 people to the Center at a time for several days in a row. 
Saints and Great Teachers of many faiths came to the Center to share their teachings and to experience and enhance the pure spiritual vibrations of the place and meet with those who frequented the place. Each of these events was promoted through our newsletter and thousands of people came to this remote place on a farm in Nebraska, experiencing the peace and simplicity of this place. As Director of the place through all the years, I felt extremely fortunate to be instrumental in bringing these people together and in bringing forth the traditions as practiced in Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham. Universal Peace Center was my home and also a spiritual pilgrimage destination in the most unlikely location.
In 1996, Nate entered our lives as a 6-day-old infant, our adopted son. Much of my focus then had to be in the parenting and schooling aspect for Nate. By 1999, instructions were received to start a website (changed from www.babaji.net) which is the domain now TruthSimplicityLove.com so the teachings could be transmitted at all times within the homes of those interested, without the expense or hardship of traveling away from families or work situations. By 2004, it became apparent that the "Cyber Ashram"  would be more viable than the physical one, due to needs of schooling for Nate, changes in the family structure, and fewer people willing to help out with the physical needs of a property so large and complex. The property was liquidated at that time.
In 2007, Nate and I moved to Sedona for 2 years, then to Aberdeen, Scotland, for a year.
Presently, Nate and I are living in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I am the coordinator of www.babaji.net, - which is now TruthSimplicityLove.com, and owner of the Vishwa Gifts online gift shop www.vishwagifts.com  in order to continue spreading Shri Babaji’s teachings in the purest manner possible.
I offer several email lists (free membership found at TruthSimplicityLove.com)  reinforcing Babaji’s Teachings and teaching the puja and other ritual aspects of what is learned in Haidakhan, Babaji’s Home ashram in India. The Cyber Ashram is a spiritual community in itself, and it assists people in creating ashrams/temples within their own homes, promoting the blessings of Truth, Simplicity and Love to reach more people on a local level.
I hope I can hear from you personally about your connection to Shri Maha Prabhuji, Haidakhan Babaji.
We appreciate your support and generosity and we welcome your questions and your suggestions on how to serve you better.
Om Namah Shivaya
Bhole Baba ki Jai!
Love and blessings,

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