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Haidakhan Aarati eBook - Transliterated With Instruction

Haidakhan Arati At Universal Peace Center eBook - Transliterated With Instruction

This eBook provides instruction, transliterated mantras and prayers as well as notations which help understanding the ceremony.  This material represents Aarati done to Shri Babaji as done in Herakhan.  We also offer Aarati audio files in downloadable and/or CD formats.  Using this eBook together with the audio version is very powerful.  This eBook is part of the Haidakhandi Spiritual Practices Series. 
A general description of Aarati:
Aarati is a Hindu religious ritual of worship in which light from wicks soaked in ghee (purified butter) or camphor is offered to one or more deities. Aarati also refers to the songs sung in praise of the deity, when lamps are being offered.
It is performed during almost all Hindu ceremonies and occasions. It involves the circulating of an "Aarati plate" or "Aarati lamp" around a person or deity and is generally accompanied by the singing of songs in praise of that Deva or person (many versions exist). In doing so, the plate or lamp is supposed to acquire the power of the deity. The priest circulates the plate or lamp to all those present. They cup their down-turned hands over the flame and then raise their palms to their forehead – the purificatory blessing, passed from the Deva's image to the flame, has now been passed to the devotee.
The purpose of performing Aarati is the waving of lighted wicks before the Deities in a spirit of humility and gratitude, wherein faithful followers become immersed in God's divine form. It symbolises the five elements:
•         Ether (akash)
•         Wind (vayu)
•         Fire (agni)
•         Water (jal)
•         Earth (pruthvi)
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