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Still Singing Somehow by Rob Rideout (free download)

Prologue from this fascinating book:
This book was inspired in prison. I wanted my son, long estranged due to divorce, to know the entire story; the why and the how that brought me to this place. In the process of writing, I discovered that I was really writing it for myself-to purge and forgive myself for the life I created. Sadly, my own compulsions sabotaged much of my life, allowing me to wallow in self-absorption and self-pity. Through years of laboring in rewrites, I have reviewed my life many times- maybe too many. The result has been a tremendous healing. 
My story is one of fall and redemption, of heaven and hell. It’s about the pain of loss and the cop-out path I pursued for so long. If you're looking for something better than what you’ve seen on TV or already read, you might or might not find it here. But remember, the truth is always stranger than fiction. I couldn’t have thought this story up in my wildest imagination. Hopefully, anybody suffering from alcoholism or an overactive ego may find a ray of hope here. However, this book is without a hook; an inspirational memoir whose title alone will have to suffice. 
My lifelong dream has always been to pursue a lifestyle of truth, simplicity and love. The road to that goal hasn’t been easy, and I realize that I paved it all myself. I had to lose everything to gain a freedom I never dreamed possible, but it was worth it, every step of the way. Many names in this journey have been changed to protect the innocent.
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