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Soul Landscapes - Paintings by Babaji

Soul Landscapes Painted by Babaji in Haidakhan, India
22 pictures representing stages of the soul during cycles of development

These cards are about 5" x 7"  and are printed on very high-quality paper, like a greeting card. 
They stand up.
They have the title on the back of the card.

Please Note:  For those who live in Europe, the Soul Landscapes can be ordered directly from the creator, Teresa Dawson, who lives in Switzerland. Just send an email to Marge at to get the contact info for ordering.  This will save time and postage.

Meaning and use of the 22 healing pictures

Babaji painted these pictures with the intent to guide, heal and balance the soul. The states of the soul depicted by these paintings are the healed states, the states in their completion.

The human soul develops in spiral form, passing through the same stages again and again. Ever on a higher level, on a more subtle level, while the principles, the steps to be taken remain the same. No stage is more advanced than the other. All stages together build a complete circle.

Each healing picture represents one of 22 main stages of development in their completion. These are 22 particular ways of existing, feeling, thinking, doing and being. A picture always strongly resonates with the person who is in the phase of soul development related to the picture.

You are capable of sensing or feeling the healing vibration needed at a given time by simply being attracted to the picture reflecting this healed soul state. You will naturally select the picture which contains the healing vibration that will guide and balance your soul for a certain time in your life: either for a specific aspect of personality or for necessary growth or for being shown the healed state condition.

Water placed on a healing picture absorbs its vibrations and can be used for drinking, cooking, watering plants.

Teresa Surja Dawson

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