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  • Mini Fire Ceremony Kit (MFC)
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    Mini Fire Ceremony Kit

    Yagya is a Vedic offering of fruits, seeds, rice, incense, flowers, ghee, and spices to the Divine Mother in the form of fire, a ritual which the Ancient Indian Holy Scriptures (Vedas) prescribed for a Dharmic life. 
    Sri Haidakhan Babaji reinforced this powerful practice and He himself has performed 147 big Yagyas in many provinces of India and this has blessed the country and the whole world. Babaji's devotees all over the world perform Yagnas as part of their sadhana and so many people and places have the opportunity to be blessed by the divine vibrations of the Sacred Fire.
    Haidakhan Babaji, during his last appearance (1970-1984), said about Yagya:
    "I want to tell you the meaning of the Yagya (Havan ceremony). Havan it is that brings rain, which brings grain. The origin of Creation stems from the havan. The havan is the real form of the Gods; whatever we offer to the havan goes directly to the Gods who are being invoked. 
    "By doing havan, people gain happiness and all the pleasures of life; they all have good thoughts and love for each other. By the smoke from the havan the harmful germs in the atmosphere are destroyed and the good bacteria, useful to life, grow in it. This increases the plenty and prosperity of the world.
    "Before starting any work, you should first know the significance of it. You may be wondering why these people are burning the fire and 'wasting' things by throwing them into the fire. It has great significance: Creation originated from this." Teachings of Babaji - 22 December 1983

    The Mini Fire Ceremony Kit includes:
    Kund, Samples of ingredients, and an Instruction Sheet.  

    I also offer
    "Fire Ceremony Instruction Package - As Taught By Shri Haidakhan Babaji At Herakhan" should you desire even more than the mini kit offers. 
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  • Golden Nag Forest Incense 15g (NAG-F)
    Golden Nag Forest Incense from Vijayshree Fragrance in Bangalore, India. These incense are the most popular in the world with its enthralling and captivating aroma. The finest spices, herbs, floral extracts, exotic oils and other natural ingredients are carefully selected and skillfully blended for their positive influence. One 15 gram box.

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  • Ganesh & Laksmi Coin with Sri Yantra - Good Luck, Abundant Blessings (GLST)
    Ganesh & Laksmi Coin with Sri Yantra - Good Luck, Abundant Blessings

    This Ganesh and Lakshmi Coin With Sri Yantra is:
    1.25" in diameter
    silver tone in color
    One side of this lucky coin features the popular Hindu God Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, and Lakshmi (Laxmi) Goddess of wealth.
    The reverse side of the coin features the Sri Yantra which is one of the most auspicious and powerful of all Yantras.  
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  • Shivranjani Incense 40gm (SHI921)
    Shivranjani Agarbatti - reportedly Babaji's favorite
    Shivranjani Agarbatti is a natural Masala base incense product, specially designed to spread a mild but pleasing flower fresh aroma, leaving behind an impression of serenity, with a longer retaining property. On burning, Shivranjani leaves the air fresh, healthy and pure, helps concentration of mind in meditation, Pooja etc.


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  • Haidakhan Aarati eBook - Transliterated With Instruction (ARTIEBOOK)
    Haidakhan Arati At Universal Peace Center eBook - Transliterated With Instruction

    This eBook provides instruction, transliterated mantras and prayers as well as notations which help understanding the ceremony.  This material represents Aarati done to Shri Babaji as done in Herakhan.  We also offer Aarati audio files in downloadable and/or CD formats.  Using this eBook together with the audio version is very powerful.  This eBook is part of the Haidakhandi Spiritual Practices Series. 
    A general description of Aarati:
    Aarati is a Hindu religious ritual of worship in which light from wicks soaked in ghee (purified butter) or camphor is offered to one or more deities. Aarati also refers to the songs sung in praise of the deity, when lamps are being offered.
    It is performed during almost all Hindu ceremonies and occasions. It involves the circulating of an "Aarati plate" or "Aarati lamp" around a person or deity and is generally accompanied by the singing of songs in praise of that Deva or person (many versions exist). In doing so, the plate or lamp is supposed to acquire the power of the deity. The priest circulates the plate or lamp to all those present. They cup their down-turned hands over the flame and then raise their palms to their forehead – the purificatory blessing, passed from the Deva's image to the flame, has now been passed to the devotee.
    The purpose of performing Aarati is the waving of lighted wicks before the Deities in a spirit of humility and gratitude, wherein faithful followers become immersed in God's divine form. It symbolises the five elements:
    •         Ether (akash)
    •         Wind (vayu)
    •         Fire (agni)
    •         Water (jal)
    •         Earth (pruthvi)
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  • Sapta Sati - 700 Verses TO Divine Mother Of Haidakhan (SS85)
    Sapta Sati - 700 Verses TO Divine Mother Of Haidakhan

    This is a digital product and will be available for immediate download after your successful PayPal payment (PayPal account not required).   You will then have access to the download in your account under downloads.  This will allow you to download the zip file containing all the tracks.

    Please note that the download is of much higher quality than the sample below.  

    This one is "The First Official Reading of the Sapta Sati in the United States, May, 1985" with Shri Muniraji, Shri Shastriji, Alok Banerjee, and Sheila Devi Singh. This took place at the Temple Tipi in Nebraska, during the very first USA tour for Muniraji and Shastriji, opening the first USA Haidakhandi Ashram. Since this was the first stop on the Tour, we recorded the ceremonies and the prayer readings. 
    "700 Verses to Divine Mother of Haidakhan" is very special.

    Sample below:

    Reading Of The Sapta Sati


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  • Morning Arati At Haidakhan (Digital Download) (MAH)
    Morning Arati At Haidakhan
    This is a digital product and will be available for immediate download after your successful PayPal payment (PayPal account not required).   You will then have access to the download in your account under downloads.  This will allow you to download the zip file containing all the tracks.
    Tracks include:
    *  Shri Haidakhan Babaji sings mantras in the Gautami Ganga in Haidakhan
    *   Evening Arati Devotional Service
    *   More Evening Arati Devotional Service
    *   Mantras and Kirtan (sacred songs) Jai Ambe

    Sample may below.

    Morning Arati At Haidakhan

    Aarati is a daily worship service performed to the Supreme Deity in the form of the Deity personified or to a statue, a picture, or other symbol of God. In this prayer ceremony, offerings are made of fire, incense, ghee (clarified butter), camphor, flowers, rice, sandal paste (chandan), vermillion paste (kumkum), water, etc.  In the temple worship, offerings to the statue, assumed to be a living presence of the Deity, are also made of a seat, ceremonial bath, clothing and food. 
    Fire plays a central role, symbolically removing the darkness of ignorance existing between God and self. Shri Shri 1008 Shri Bhagwan Herakhan Wale Baba, known as "Babaji" to his devotees, is the Divine Light who is worshipped.
    The prayers appeal to His grace for fulfilment of all desires and to dispel the darkness of ignorance of the Self. He is recognised as the Supreme Reality personified: Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara together, who performs the three functions of creation, maintenance and destruction of the universe. All their abilities and powers are united in Him, the Master, Lord, Creator, Protector of the universe, the Supreme Deity, Samba Sada Shiva, who has taken on human form for the salvation of the world. It is He who encompasses the entire universe, who is the Absolute Being permeating all things and creatures, who resides in the centre of the heart, shining like a bright, pure crystal, who is eternally omniscient, conscious and blissful, radiating joy, an ocean of grace. It is this Ultimate Divinity to whom the Aarati is offered and in whom the worshiper seeks refuge.
    "Arati" literally translated means dispeller of darkness. By singing the songs of the Aarati devotional service, we are shedding light upon our darkness. In Sanskrit, darkness is the same word as ignorance.
    The Haidakhan Aarati was cognised by the great saint, Shri Mahendra Maharaj. Mahendra dedicated his entire life to preparing the way for the reappearance of Shri Haidakhan Babaji. He travelled all over India for decades, teaching people the devotional service and establishing ashrams and temples dedicated to Babaji.
    He unceasingly prayed to Babaji, begging him to return to the earth in physical form for the upliftment of humanity. Amazingly, in 1969 Babaji appeared to Mahendra and promised him he would take form, even showing him what the form would be. This word from Babaji satisfied Mahendra, and he died shortly thereafter, not even sticking around to experience the physical presence of Shri Babaji, thereby enjoying the fruits of his labours. He had performed this service for the benefit of others, not for himself.
    Babaji did as promised and made Himself known about a year later, in 1970.
    Shri Shastriji, when asked when Babaji will return again, has often said, When one of us has the devotion, dedication and commitment of Mahendra Maharaj. Is there such a person among us?
    In Sanskrit, the vibration of each word matches its meaning. The words of the Aarati are a specific formula. The vibration of the Aarati transforms our own vibration to a level that is "in synch" with Babaji and brings Him to us. Our vibration gets closer to His and this makes it easier for Him to be with us. Those who want to experience more of Babaji's guidance and healing vibration have a formula to do that: the Aarati.
    Even hearing the Aarati on tape, before memorizing it, will raise a person's vibration and be a great comfort. Once a person learns and memorizes the Aarati, to the point where the mouth keeps singing the next verse without even thinking about it, there is a wealth of information and problem-solving which happens during the Aarati, similar to what is experienced in the deepest of meditation. Divine Inspiration takes place, pictures come to mind about what the next step is for a project, and solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems appear. It is magical. The connection from the Superconscious (God Self, Inner Voice) to the Conscious Mind is opened and ready for action. Aarati is like entering the "Silence" that all religions mention, where God gets to talk to you instead of only a one-way communication.
    Aarati is sung in each of Babaji's temples throughout the world in the morning and evening, just after sunrise and sunset. It is the perfect way to remove the veil of sleep in the morning and to lay to rest all the activities of the day in the evening. In spiritual community at an ashram, it is the 'glue' which holds the diverse group together. This makes it possible to work together even though there are bound to be personality differences.
    To know yourself better, to clear the way for Divine Communication, to experience the healing of Shri Babaji's Presence, turn to Aarati, the dispeller of darkness. 
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  • Aarati by Turkantam (digital download) (TARATI)
    Aarati by Turkantam (digital download)

    Aarati - that portion of the Hindu worship service in which fire, air, water, earth, and ether are offered before an image of God, as a symbol of light overcoming the darkness of human ignorance.

    The Arati text is included - in both English and Sanskrit Transliteration in PDF format. Or you may download them at:

    This is a digital product and will be available for immediate download after your successful PayPal payment (PayPal account not required).   You will then have access to the download in your account under downloads.  This will allow you to download the zip file containing all the tracks.

    Sample may be found below.  

    After your successful PayPal payment you will have access to your download in your account (Account tab a page top) listed under downloads.  This will allow you to download the zip file containing the complete Aarati in one file.  Please note that the track you download are of much higher quality than the sample.

    Aarati by Turkantam sample:

    Turkantam is a genuine and spontaneous "Troubadour." His original and captivating music has moved audiences all over the world. The intelligent fusion of traditions and modernism and his "unique" style generates a powerful, subtle, romantic and emotional energy that takes the listener to a poetic and vital experience. With his talents as lyricist, composer, singer, ambassador of peace and goodwill through the music, Turkantam comes at an important time in the human spiritual evolution - especially when the heart longs to awaken, to act and vibrate.
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  • Back To The Cave by Turkantam (digital download) (BTTC-T)
    Back To The Cave by Turkantam (digital download)
    Soundtrack from the move "Have Guru Darshan"

    Turkantam is a genuine and spontaneous "Troubadour." This wonderful two CD set is comprised of 18 bhajans and kirtans, arranged and performed in a unique blend of traditions and sounds. Turkantam says: "… music is the nectar of life … Let's drink together at Her sacred source in Truth, Simplicity and Love … ." He touches our hearts with his 12 strings and classic guitars, his attractive voice, simple, devoted singing and lovely melodies. Turkantam plays Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Harmonica, Harmonium, Tampoora, Sitar and Dholak. He's a genuine and spontaneous troubadour, born in Salerno in Southern Italy.

    Shri Babaji has commented on kirtan singing, saying: "Kirtan should come to you naturally, through your soul... You should sing devotional music in a way, that stirs the heart, in harmony and with a slow rhythm. Whenever you make music, singing or playing, it should leave a memory on the mind."


    The tracks and a sample for each follow:

    Gayatri Mantra

    Gaiye Ganapati Jagavandana

    Shri Haidakhan Wale Baba

    Narayana Haidakhandi Roll Call

    Om Namaha Shivaya Hare Shankara

    Mritunjaya Mantra

    Jamna Ki Jai Jai

    Kali Mantra On Sabase Unchi

    Shanti Mantra

    Haidakhandeshwari Mantra - From The Sapta Sati

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  • Benzoin Incense Sticks Deluxe 250g (HEM250)
    For 100g click here

    Benzoin: Provides purification, blessings, prosperity. Benzoin has a long history of use as incense and perfume. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Benzoin resin is a “yang” sedative and is used as an effective remedy for congestion and clearing away stagnation. It’s also very warming to the heart and increases circulation. When burned, benzoin has a nice vanilla undertone with earthy balsam notes and is  commonly used as church incense for its potent effect
    Gender: Masculine.
    Planetary Association: Sun.
    Element: Air.

    Deities: Venus, Aphrodite, Mut.
    What is benzoin incense used for?
    Purification, blessings, prosperity.

    Healing, energizing, uplifting, stimulating.

    Benzoin is burned for purification, astral projection, clears negative energy, emotional balance, eases sadness, depression, weariness, grief, anger, anxiety and to attract prosperity.

    When burned, Benzoin has a nice vanilla undertone with earthy balsam notes and is a commonly used church incense for its potent effects.

    Benzoin is best used to provide focus and enhance concentration. It is a desirable herb for those seeking a journey into the astral world. Magickally, Benzoin promotes generosity and can open a closed spirit suffering from selfishness. Energizing, uplifting, stimulating. It is known to ‘melt away’ blockages and drive away evil spirits.

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  • Use of a Murti as an Object of Worship (Digital) (MURTI20x-DL)
    THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT, and will be available for download immediately following payment.

    Use of a Murti as an Object of Worship is an Ebook in PDF format which includes detailed instructions on building and using an altar with Murtis for your devotional practices. Also includes all precise instructions on how to perform specific devotion as taught at Vishwa MahaDham, including mantras and step by step instruction.

    These instructions include all details of performing the Arati Ceremony. See our ARATI BOOK download for more support with this ritual.

    Download contains a 20 page PDF file with all the above and pictures of Shri Babaji.

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  • Shiny Brass OM 4" (BRA64)
    Beautiful shiny Brass Om

    These beautiful Om symbols can be wall mounted as they have a hook on the reverse.
    This Om is beautifully finished in solid brass. The Om symbol which  represents the vibrational sound that created the universe as well as  the being the universal symbol for God. The Om symbol and sound are also  the focal point for many who practice meditation.
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  • Tulsi Mala with Bark 108 7mm Beads Knotted (TULA6)
    Tulsi Mala with Bark 108 7mm Beads Knotted
    Often referred to as Sacred or Holy Basil, Tulsi is the most sacred of woods used in Hindu worship dedicated to Krishna. It is the only wood that is considered to be a divinity, a living form of the Goddess and a favorite of Krishna. The hearts of those who wear Tulsi become the garden of love. Mantra on Tulsi increases the power of prayer and increases spiritual growth.

    Japa Nam - Repeating God's Name
    Mala or Prayer Beads for meditation and/or prayerIn order to focus one's mind on God, Babaji taught people to chant the ancient mantra Om Namah Shivaya. It is a Sanskrit phrase which means something like "I surrender to/bow to/take refuge in God," or "Lord, Thy will be done." The Name of God used in this mantra is Lord Shiva, the Supreme Manifestation of God. Constant repetition of the mantra (japa) focuses the mind on God - opens the heart and mind to God - and stops, or reduces, the tendency of one's mind to constantly plan (the future), worry (about the past), daydream (illusion), or otherwise idle away in essentially useless activity.
    Repeating God's Name of Om Namah Shivaya is a protection and a purification of the consciousness. It is like a clear running stream, constantly washing and renewing the mind for higher purpose. Babaji's main purpose for re-appearing is to reform the hearts and minds of people. He comes to remove confusion and evil from mankind. Shri Babaji once said: "The mind can be purified only by japa. This is the only medicine for the disease of the mind. While your mind and heart are impure, how can God live in your heart? The water to clean your heart is the Name of God. Teach everyone to repeat the Name of God -- everywhere."
    The mind that is generally focused on God's Name(s) responds, when the need arises, spontaneously to perform its required functions quickly, easily and well. Babaji emphasized Om Namah Shivaya but also gave other mantras on some occasions. The essence of his instruction is "Repeat God's Name." Shri Babaji said that when the great destruction comes to the world, those who believe in and worship God sincerely, and especially those who repeat His Name, will be saved by the power of the mantra. "God's Name is more powerful than a thousand atomic and hydrogen bombs."
    How to perform Japa:
    Usually, japa is performed on a mala (prayer beads, 108 beads per strand, like a rosary). In the morning, upon waking from sleep, a bath is taken immediately (pour water over all the body from a bucket with a cup). After bath and dressing in your prayer clothes, you sit peacefully in front of your altar. You touch the mala only with the right hand. You hold the beads without using the index finger (index finger is known as the "ego" finger so you leave the ego out of this). You begin where the mala has one larger bead and a tassle; you say one mantra per bead, working the mala around between thumb and middle finger. Once you have completed the 108 repetitions, you turn the mala around and go back the same direction you came. The large bead at the end is called the "guru" bead, so you "don't cross the guru," you keep turning the mala around and going back over the beads the opposite direction. Since 5 is a Shiva number, it is good to do a minimum of 5 rounds of the mala at a sitting. This is done morning and evening.
    Japa Nam is also accomplished by constantly repeating the Name of God while working, eating, walking, and everything you do in a day, without always using the mala. When you repeat the Name of God while working, it is also called Karma Yoga.

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  • Aarati to Babaji Mahavatar - DVD (AAR118)
    Aarati to Babaji Mahavatar - DVD
    The Aarti, or offering of Light, in Tantra is a daily meditation.
    Babaji Mahavatar is the Divine Light here to fulfil wishes and dispel ignorance. Meditation on the divine Master is a lift upwards to the inner Self and a gate to freedom. A 53 minutes long emotion at the shocking presence of Babaji.
    Film Super 8: courtesy by Om Shanti Gertraud Reichel
    Original Soundtrack: Aarti to Babaji by Shri Mahendra sung by The Hairakhandi's
    Editing: Bhagwati Barberis & Jai Datt Gianbarberis
    Direction: Jai Datt Gianbarberis
    Post-Production: J. Amba Video & Music
    Region 1 DVD's available. These work on USA and Canadian DVD players and most newer players around the world.
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  • Sanatan Dharma by Henk Poncin - DVD (SANV18)
    Sanatan Dharma by Henk Poncin DVD 
    43 minutes in length
    Documentary of Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham; created in 1991; the film interviews many of the people living in Haidakhan or visiting at the time, allowing each person to express what Babaji's teachings mean to them.
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  • Babaji Magnificat DVD (BABW18)
    Babaji Magnificat DVD
    Babaji Mahavatar in his everyday life in Hairakhan. The touching images of his tight relation with his disciples.
    Total Time: 33 min.
    Original Soundtrack: MAGNIFICAT from European classics
    Film Super 8: courtesy by Om Shanti Gertraud Reichel
    Editing: Bhagwati Barberis & Jai Datt Gianbarberis
    Direction: Jai Datt Gianbarberis
    Post-Production: J. Amba Video & Music
    Region 1 DVD's available. These work on USA and Canadian DVD players and most newer players around the world.
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