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Ganesh Wall Hanging

Ganesh Wall Hanging

This is a beautiful 11" x 14" cotton batik wall hanging. 

Ganesha or Ganapati is the leader of the Sivaganas (the forces of Siva). He is the first among the gods to receive all the honors. He is called Vighnaraja, or Vighnesvara, lord of the obstacles and impediments. Devout Hindus worship him for removal of obstacles. Before starting any particular venture or worshipping other gods, they remember Ganesha, their beloved god. The only exception to this rule is when Shiva is worshipped. Shiva is the father of Ganesha. When you worship the father there is no need to worship the son separately because the son is always found in the heart of his father. So when Shiva is worshipped Ganesha is kept in the sidelines.
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